Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Minnesota Senate Race Ratings

Last week I posted ratings for the Minnesota House races, this week it's the Senate's turn.

Quick Overview

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The Senate is also up for grabs, if the Republicans run the table in the Toss-ups they would take control, but the DFL only needs to win three of them to remain in control, assuming they hold the rest of their seats. The overall picture for the Democrats is better in the senate than it is in the house if only marginally so.

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Like in the house, most of the toss-ups are DFL held seats, but this is to be expected when you have an overwhelming majority in both chambers. The more seats you have, the more some of those seats will be in marginal to hostile districts and the more toss-up races you're likely to be in. On the flip side the GOP surrendered most of their vulnerable seats in the last few elections and are left with almost exclusively solid seats.

That said, there are a few soft spots where the DFL should be playing offense.

The Ratings

The column on the left is the house district, red means it's currently held by the GOP, blue the DFL. The next column is the Democratic candidate, then the Republican candidate. If a name is in bold that means the candidate is an incumbent, if a row is shaded grey that means it's an open seat race.

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  1. SD56 is not a tilt-GOP race. Saltzman is killing out there and her opponent is kind of a joke, resume notwithstanding.

  2. if you think SD57 is Safe DFL, you're in for a rude awakening.