Friday, September 17, 2010


Last week I posted the complete SILVER listings for the US Senate, now for the US House. First a graph of the House Republicanss, just like when I did this for the Senate, the DW-Nominate scores are plotted on the x-axis and PVI on the y-axis.

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As you can see the scatter plot is a blog in the middle with a few outliers, resulting in an insignificant r-squared value. Now here's the House Democrats:

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As you saw with the Senate Democrats, the House Democrats have a more linear, tightly packed relasionship between DW-Nominate and PVI, though the r-squared value is still not conclusive of anything, it's certainly suggestive.

And like with the Senate, when you combine them into one graph you can see the split between the parties, although in the house it's more like a gulf.

That one data point all off on it's own is none other than Louisiana's 2nd congressional district Representative Joseph Cao.

Here are the house Democrats SILVER scores:

And the house Republicans:

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