Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Supreme Court rules against Coleman on double counting

In an opinion written by Justice Alan Page the Minnesota Supreme court ruled that any challenges of supposed double counted ballots would need to be resolved by a court hearing, where evidence can be presented and not by the canvassing board. In the short term it means that these ballots will be counted as normal and added to the totals. If Coleman wants to press this issue he will have to file an election challenge.

This came on the heels of an earlier ruling made by the Supremes allowing local election officials more time in submitting improperly rejected absentee ballots to the State Canvassing Board. Now the local officials will have until January 2nd to submit such ballots to the Secretary of State who will have until January 4th to open and count them. On January 5th the challenging of these ballots will begin and the Canvassing board could certify a winner as early as January 6th, although that may be wishful thinking.

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