Friday, December 26, 2008

White Elephant

At one of my family gatherings this year we had a White Elephant gift exchange. My contribution was "A New Dawn for America: John McCain for President" the puzzle. Or, the worst campaign material ever produced by anyone, ever. Gaze upon its terribleness.

Words can't do justice to how badly designed this image is. It's even more ironic that it comes in puzzle form, as much of the McCain campaigns actions during the course of the campaign were nothing short of puzzling. But look at the image. It says a New Dawn for America across the top, but the background is twilight. There is a tree that rises out of the ground, but its branches are bear of leaves, or any sign of life at all. Then just sort of dropped on top is a picture of John McCain, staring ahead. It's a scary looking image.

And a hilarious White Elephant gift.

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